We’re delighted that MP Louisa Wall’s Marriage Amendment Bill, which will allow same-sex couples to marry in the near future has passed its second reading. We’re among the huge percentage of the population who just can’t understand why it has taken so long, or what possible reason anyone has to oppose it.

Frankly, we can’t wait to celebrate so we are offering to foot the bill for a wedding ceremony for a same sex couple to marry on Waiheke Island as soon as it is legal. We’ll donate a marquee, furniture and even pay for a celebrant for your wedding on beautiful Waiheke Island. There’s 1001 stunning locations to hold your ceremony and we can help you find the right spot. Where and how you choose to party afterwards is up to you.

How to? Just contact us and tell us in as few words as you can why you and your partner just can’t wait either. We’ll be in touch.